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Groupmatics is a very easy system and people really liked being able to purchase online and also seeing where others were sitting so they could purchase seats by their friends.  I really enjoyed having this option or else we would NOT have gone as a big group to the Tigers Game.

Leigh A.Detroit Tigers, Group Leader

My first event was a huge success.  Had I not used Groupmatics, this group probably would have been a 75 ticket, $1,100 group because the group leader would have purchased the lowest cost tickets that we had available.  They ended up buying over 100 tickets and spending $2,700+ on their tickets.

Kyle KrebsMemphis Grizzlies, Account Executive

One of the group members, through the opt-ins at checkout, ended up purchasing a three game all-inclusive package that included her ticket and unlimited food and beverages. She bought two seats per game and the pricing, depending on the game, ranges from $99-$194 per seat.

Ana LobatonMonumental Sports & Entertainment, Account Executive

The Norwood youth lacrosse program had not done an outing with us for years, and this year topped 400 tickets to their game with the help of Groupmatics. Plus, we increased the numbers of leads from 1 (the group leader) to over 100.

Griffin KirkwoodAccount Executive, Boston Cannons

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