Divide and Conquer Your Group Sales Process

Fast, Convenient, Easy

Groupmatics is an online group ticket sales platform that serves as a valuable marketing and management tool for your group clients, while helping your organization better identify those members within the group to increase revenue opportunities.

Whether you’re the team’s sales manager, sales rep or a dedicated group leader bringing your entourage to the game, Groupmatics makes group ticket sales FAST, CONVENIENT, and EASIER than ever before.

Sales Manager

  • Customize

    Customize Organization’s Settings

  • Overview

    Dashboard Overview of Inventory and Reps’ Sales

  • Reports

    View Attendee Sales Reports

Sales Rep

  • Create

    Create Customized Group Event Page

  • Import

    Import Ticket Details

  • Invite

    Invite Group Leader to Manage Event

Group Leader

  • Personalize

    Personalize Event Details

  • Track

    Invite and Track Group Members by Email and Social Media

  • Watch

    Sit Back and Watch Sales Roll In!