Group Ticket Sales. Multiplied

Groupmatics is a white-label group ticketing platform used by professional sports teams and other public event organizations to manage group sales and collect event attendee data. Matt Mastrangelo founded the company in 2012 as a smart, secure alternative to an overly cumbersome group ticket sales process.

The Difference Really Adds Up
Today’s Group Sales ProcessGroupmatics Group Sales Process
Expensive, time consuming paper sales kitsOne custom online event registration page
Few promotion optionsGroup leaders & event attendees share via email and social media channels
Block seating without assigned seat locationsEvent attendees choose exact seat location
Time-consuming payment collection & ticket distributionSecure transaction processing, real-time sales tracking, and direct ticket distribution
Difficult to obtain participant informationCapture new contacts with every new event

The Groupmatics platform is currently available via these fine teams. Ask how your team can be added to our roster.